Our Salt Air R44 Chopper conducting a sunset flight over Noosa National Park.
Our R44 chopper at base, located at Noosa Aerodrome.

The Salt Air Fleet

Salt Air Aviation operates a fleet of both turbine and piston powered helicopters.

Each helicopter has different capabilities and equipment for charter and aerial work operations.
Our helicopters are maintained to the highest standards by CASA approved maintenance
providers and undergo daily checks by our experienced pilots.

Our work-ready helicopter and pilots working on site.

Robinson 44 (R44)

The workhorse of any fleet, the Robinson 44 is a multirole helicopter designed for a variety of operations. Its manoeuvrability and efficiency make it perfect for spotting, survey work and aerial photography/videography as well as scenic flights and charter. It is piston powered and has a low fuel consumption making it a cost-effective solution for any operation.

R44 Specifications

Maximum take-off weight: 1089kg
Maximum combined seat/baggage weight: 136kg
Maximum under seat baggage weight: 23kg
Endurance: 2.9 hours (no reserve)
Cruise Speed: 100 kts (185 kmh)
Fuel type: AVGAS 100LL
Seating Capacity: 1 pilot, 3 passengers

Bell 206L-4 (Longranger)

Tried and tested, the Bell 206L-4 has a long-standing history of superior performance and reliability. Fitted with a powerful turbine engine it can be used in a wide variety of operations ranging from firefighting, precision lifting, HEC operations (Human External Cargo), survey work and corporate charter.

Our Longranger is Australia’s first B206L-4 to be fitted with the Boost Human External Cargo System capable of carrying up to 5 passengers on the end of the line. This superior capability brings a new cost-effective solution to the helicopter industry.

B206L-4 Specifications

Maximum take-off weight internal: 4450 lbs (2018 kgs)
Maximum take-off weight external: 4550 lbs (2064 kgs)
Endurance: 3.7 hrs (no reserve)
Cruise Speed: 100 kts (185 kmh)
Fuel type: Jet A1
Seating capacity: 1 pilot, 6 passengers

Our long range helicopter for larger passenger groups.

This Is A Must Do If Visiting Noosa

What makes this so special? Well a great guide, a personal touch and in our case seeing whales, dolphins, turtles and more from the skies. Honestly it was a once in Life in a time trip made special by Morgan and the team. Can’t recommend this enough!


Probably The Best Tourist Experience I’ve Ever Done!

We did the 10-minute, which we thought might be a bit too quick but we were wrong. Absolutely blown away by the views, we got to see a whale up close. Would do it again in a heartbeat! The guys are super nice too.


Absolutely Fantastic Experience

Well worth the money. Morgan our pilot was so lovely and would fly again with him in a second. The winery was so beautiful. The staff were amazing and the wines were excellent. We left with 12 bottles. Highly recommend.